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Hello! My name is Andy. When I purchased my first car, I didn't really think about how I could accessorise it. I was so focused on making sure that I the tyres were inflated to the correct pressure, that the engine was in good condition and the exhaust system was working well. However, one day when I was driving around the streets of Sydney, I noticed a guy in the same model car as me. However, his looked much better. It had customised seat covers, a metal gear shift stick and custom decals on the bodywork. I got talking with him, and he recommended a place I could buy my own auto accessories. Now, my car looks great. I decided to start this blog so I could share my passion for auto accessories with others.


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4 Benefits Of Flat Top Trailers For Sole Traders

If you are a sole trader and have to move around a lot, then you know that moving can be a stressful and expensive experience. You need to find the right vehicle for your business and make sure that it is in good condition. You may also need to transport goods that are fragile or delicate, which means that you need a trailer that will protect them from being damaged during transport.

Flat top trailers are a great way for sole traders to save money on their business expenses. Here are four reasons why:

1. Flat Top Trailers Can Help You Reach More Customers

If you're a sole trader, you'll know that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to get new customers. With a flat top trailer, you can reach more people by putting your business name on the side of the trailer and driving around town with your tools on display. This will help people find out about your products and services without having to actively advertise them.

2. Flat Top Trailers Are Easy To Load And Unload

The flat top makes loading and unloading much easier than with other types of trailers such as drop decks or roll-up doors, as there isn't anything obstructing the door opening or closing process which makes it easier for small businesses like yours that may not have access to forklifts or other large machinery.

3. Flat Top Trailers Are Inexpensive To Buy And Maintain

When you buy a flat top trailer, you will not have to pay as much as if you were buying a two-axle trailer. You will also not have to pay as much for maintenance because there are fewer parts involved in its construction. This means that your maintenance costs will be lower than they would be with other types of trailers. 

4. Flat Top Trailers Are Easy To Park And Manoeuvre Around Town

Flat top trailers have a low centre of gravity and short wheelbases, which makes them much easier for the driver to handle than larger road trailers with high centres of gravity and long wheelbases. This is useful if you need to make frequent stops along your delivery route or in busy city centres where parking spaces can be hard to find or expensive at peak times (for example during rush hour).

Flat top trailers are the perfect option for sole traders who don't want to share their load with other people. They're also ideal for small businesses that need to transport goods from one place to another on a regular basis. For more information on the benefits of flat top trailers for small businesses, chat with an auto accessories expert today.