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Hello! My name is Andy. When I purchased my first car, I didn't really think about how I could accessorise it. I was so focused on making sure that I the tyres were inflated to the correct pressure, that the engine was in good condition and the exhaust system was working well. However, one day when I was driving around the streets of Sydney, I noticed a guy in the same model car as me. However, his looked much better. It had customised seat covers, a metal gear shift stick and custom decals on the bodywork. I got talking with him, and he recommended a place I could buy my own auto accessories. Now, my car looks great. I decided to start this blog so I could share my passion for auto accessories with others.


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Car Trailers: A First Owner’s Guide

For outdoor enthusiasts, transport is always a problem as they have extra luggage such as camping gear, boats, motorbikes or ATVs that might not fit in their cars. As such, they often result in buying trailers to accommodate their baggage. If you would want to purchase a trailer, below are a few things you should know. Buying a trailer If you do not have enough money to purchase a new trailer, you can take out a loan from your bank or buy a used trailer. Read More 

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How to Protect Your Car Leather Seat Covers from Cracking in the Winter

Leather seat covers give your car a classy and sophisticated look. Unlike fabric, leather prevents dust mites and other allergens from settling on your seats, allowing you to avoid the risk of allergic reactions when you use the vehicle. However, just like other auto upholstery, leather covers require proper care to maintain their classy look. This can prove difficult during the harsh winter months as the cold weather can cause the leather to crack and ruin its appearance. Read More