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Hello! My name is Andy. When I purchased my first car, I didn't really think about how I could accessorise it. I was so focused on making sure that I the tyres were inflated to the correct pressure, that the engine was in good condition and the exhaust system was working well. However, one day when I was driving around the streets of Sydney, I noticed a guy in the same model car as me. However, his looked much better. It had customised seat covers, a metal gear shift stick and custom decals on the bodywork. I got talking with him, and he recommended a place I could buy my own auto accessories. Now, my car looks great. I decided to start this blog so I could share my passion for auto accessories with others.


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Pros and Cons of an After-Market Vehicle Navigation System

If you are shopping for new car, you might want to get all the bells and whistles that you can. One item you might want to consider adding after you have purchased the vehicle is the navigation system. As with any aftermarket purchase for your vehicle, there are some good reasons to make the purchase and some that are not so good. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing a navigation system after you purchase the car:

Pro #1: You Can Use It in Any Vehicle

An aftermarket navigation system for your car is removable, so you can use it in all the cars you own. They do not take up a lot of room; in fact, some can attach to your rear-view mirror.

Pro #2: You Can Get Extra Features

Most aftermarket car navigation systems offer additional features that built-in models don't. You can choose one that has a DVD player and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also control your phone from these systems just as you can on the factory models and connect to Internet Radio.

Pro #3: You Can See the Screen Better

Your screen will be easier to see when you choose an aftermarket navigation system that has DVD playing capability. This allows you to see what is on the screen with a quick glance, effectively helping you to pay closer attention to what is happening on the road.

Con #1: You Have to Take it Out of Your Car

An aftermarket navigation system for your car does not attach permanently to your vehicle. Therefore, it is easier for thieves to get their hands on. To prevent theft, you will need to hide it or take it out of the vehicle whenever you exit.

Con #2: You May Pay About the Same Amount as Factory Installed

Some of the navigation systems offered on the after-purchase market can cost as much as a factory-installed system. Of course, this all depends on which model you purchase and what features you want.

Con #3: You Have to Pay More to Control it From the Steering Wheel

The aftermarket navigation system is not controllable from the steering wheel as compared to the built-in models. You will not be able to change the volume or channel of the radio, or make a call on your phone without removing your hands from the wheel. However, for a small fee you can ask the installer to attach an adapter to allow this functionality.

Whether you choose a factory navigation system or an aftermarket system, like from Gold Coast Car Audio, is going to be a matter of choice. Decide how much you want to spend as compared to your budget when choosing any of the available accessories for your vehicle. Share this with others who are having a hard time deciding whether to go all out with options, or wait to pick up an aftermarket navigation system.