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Hello! My name is Andy. When I purchased my first car, I didn't really think about how I could accessorise it. I was so focused on making sure that I the tyres were inflated to the correct pressure, that the engine was in good condition and the exhaust system was working well. However, one day when I was driving around the streets of Sydney, I noticed a guy in the same model car as me. However, his looked much better. It had customised seat covers, a metal gear shift stick and custom decals on the bodywork. I got talking with him, and he recommended a place I could buy my own auto accessories. Now, my car looks great. I decided to start this blog so I could share my passion for auto accessories with others.


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Insightful Pointers for Selecting Your Truck's First Muffler

Locating the perfect auto accessories for your brand-new truck can be a daunting experience. While some people may be thinking that selecting cheap parts will be an affordable way of acquiring these accessories, it should be noted that it is likely that you will be replacing these accessories prematurely. One accessory that is a must-have for your truck is the muffler. This auto part functions to reflect the noises being emitted by your vehicle. Additionally, a muffler works to discharge exhaust fumes from the car too. If you are in search of a new muffler, here are some insightful pointers to help you select the right one.

Become acquainted with the exhaust system

The first step to finding the right muffler is to familiarise yourself with the inner workings of the exhaust system. To begin with, take measurements of the diameter of the exhaust pipe, as this will enlighten you whether the inlets and outlets of the potential muffler will fit within the truck's exhaust pipe. The second thing that you should do is take measurements of the current muffler. However, if the muffler is not there, then you should measure the undercarriage of this location so that you know what size of muffler will fit in it. If you find it difficult to measure these sizes, it is best that you have your mechanic take them for you.

Determine a suitable style

Just like a host of other auto accessories, mufflers come in a wide variety of styles, which will provide you with different features. For instance, a chambered muffler will help with minimising the volume of sound coming from the exhaust while simultaneously lending a deep, vibrating sound to the engine. On the other hand, a turbo muffler will magnify the degree of sound coming from your engine, which makes your vehicle easily noticeable anywhere you go. Lastly, you could opt for the straight-through variety that originally designed to be installed in racecars.

Select the right material

Considering that your muffler is located in the exhaust system of your truck, it is imperative to select one made from durable materials to ensure that it provides you with longevity. One of the first materials that you could consider is aluminised steel since it is a cost-efficient material. Conversely, you could opt for stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and tends to have a longer lifespan than its aluminised steel counterpart does.