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Hello! My name is Andy. When I purchased my first car, I didn't really think about how I could accessorise it. I was so focused on making sure that I the tyres were inflated to the correct pressure, that the engine was in good condition and the exhaust system was working well. However, one day when I was driving around the streets of Sydney, I noticed a guy in the same model car as me. However, his looked much better. It had customised seat covers, a metal gear shift stick and custom decals on the bodywork. I got talking with him, and he recommended a place I could buy my own auto accessories. Now, my car looks great. I decided to start this blog so I could share my passion for auto accessories with others.


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21 December 2020

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Vehicle Dyno Tuning Tips

Do you need to improve your vehicle's performance? Other than installing a larger engine, improving the airflow and exhaust systems, you should also consider a dyno tune. During a dyno tune, the mechanic puts your vehicle on a dynamometer to determine the efficiency of its fuel and air intake systems. During the tune, the mechanic will make ECU adjustments to enhance the car's performance. Below are some considerations to make when considering vehicle dyno tuning. 

Prepare Your Car For Tuning

On the dynamometer, your vehicle will run on full throttle. As such, it must be in perfect mechanical condition. Service the vehicle and conduct minor repairs such as sealing oil leaks and ensuring the cooling system is in perfect condition. Additionally, your car's tires should have sufficient tread. 

Consult With Your Mechanic

Your mechanic will assess the vehicle to know whether it qualifies for a tune. For instance, if your vehicle has high mileage, the mechanic will want to know whether or not you have replaced internal engine components. He or she will also check if the engine block contains any cracks.

The mechanic will also advise whether the vehicle requires performance enhancements before the tune. For instance, they might recommend performance injectors, exhausts and a high-quality air intake system. The mechanic could also service the turbo charger to ensure the vehicle runs on full boost. 

The mechanic's next task is to establish why you need to tune the vehicle. It will help them determine appropriate maps. For instance, they could install a racing map for optimal racing performance and a city driving map to ensure fuel efficiency during normal driving. 

You must be cautious when choosing a mechanic for your dyno tune. An unprofessional tune could damage the vehicle's engine or transmission system. As such, seek reviews from other car enthusiasts to identify reputable tuners in your locality. Preferably, the tuner should have tuned similar cars in the past.  

Additional Tuning Tips

On the tuning day, the mechanic will conduct a quick inspection to ensure that the vehicle meets the standard requirements. Your car should have sufficient fuel. Do not use fuel additives or high-octane fuels if you do not use them on the vehicle. Otherwise, you the tune will be based on inaccurate figures. 

If you would like to conduct a vehicle dyno tune or prepare the car for tuning, consult with your mechanic. As a rule, you should work with an experienced and reputable mechanic.